3 Craggs Unioned in Weardale on 19th July 14 -are we back to 1550?
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The picture left is of my great-grandfather, William Parkin Craggs : my name is Chris Craggs and I live in Addlestone, Surrey, England. I have registered this site in the hope of putting together Craggs family history - and I freely confess I am expert at neither genealogy nor websites !

My particular branch comes from the North-East of England ; the known history starts in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1750 with my great-great-great-great-grandfather, later a stone-mason in Satley, County Durham who, apparently but perhaps unreliably, “ran away from apprenticeship to Medomsley to escape a press-gang”. (that's one long run from Newcastle and I think there may be more to the story than meets the eye !) Click here to view his genealogy report, or the family tree of Joseph Craggs’ descendants or my ancestors. Note: you will need Adobe Acrobat to view the family trees. Much of the early data is gleaned from a copy of the Satley Parish Registers - transcribed in 1914, and of which I have a copy.

As you might imagine, I am most keen to drive the tree backwards from 1750 - have had little success in trying to trace JC's apprenticeship records - or even any record of his supposed master. A bottle of champagne (at the least) for anyone who can take the Craggs line back !

In addition to Craggs, my paternal grandmother was a Telfer (a big tree from around 1750 in Northumberland, although slightly corrupted), my maternal grandfather was a Dickinson (very little information at all) and maternal grandmother a Middis (another big family). Altogether there are more than 1000 names and happy to swap details on any/all of it. (and, for security reasons, I've restricted most of what's on this website to previous generations - if you're a bona fide genealogist, I can provide more.)

  • I would greatly appreciate any technical support: which package is best, how to publish to the Internet, how to make it easy to update or add-to etc. Also questions of security.
  • I am keen to hear from other Craggs historians - no matter how far away (relationship/geography !)
  • I am using Family Tree Maker and find it ok but slightly restricted - suggestions ?

If you would like to post your bit of "the Craggs Tree" in the hope of hearing from others - whether you have any ties to my particular lot or not - please contact me - see below.

Finding a Relation : as noted above, no expert and have been struggling with how best to advise :
1/ Use Search Field above
2/ Look in Joseph Craggs Genealogy Report and use the Adobe Find Field
3/ Look up my ancestors report and follow each link (blue box)
4/ Check the other Craggs trees - all in pdf format so searchable with the Adobe Find function

I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this but please make contact - one day, it might all come together !

Have a look at the Links page : very interesting site on the Craggs acrobats and a mercifully short extract of a dire (thus mercifully out-of-print and little known) Dickens novel with leading (and boring !) character named Craggs.
Please write : 56 Coombe Drive, Addlestone, Surrey KT15 1DD, U.K or Email : Chris(at)Craggs.info
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Mar 2014 : Reunion Stuff
Sept 2013 : Wolsingham Stuff - parish records, Craggs tree, James Craggs Crest
Aug 2014 : Weardale Stuff, TriTable

Last Updated: August 30, 2014