Weardale – 19 July 2014

As implied by the parish registers of Wolsingham, this is THE CRAGGS PLACE !


David, Peter and Chris visited – all too briefly – and were able to confirm


1/ Locations mentioned in the Parish Registers as having been Craggs homes as early as the 1550's are still there – Holebeck House and Landieu



2/ The villages and hamlets mentioned as Craggs homes in the St John's Chapel baptism records are all still very visible – and the church has a box of lever arch files with many more Craggs to be identified and “treed”.


3/ the Weardale Museum Family History section has a plethora of Craggs on their computer


Whilst we can't, at this stage, prove lineage before our Joseph Craggs of Satley, the circumstantial evidence is stacking up

a/ the reason he would locate in Satley – whether or not escaping press gangs – is that he was familiar with the area – Wolsingham is literally the next parish down the hill.

b/ he married Elizabeth Jopling – and Joplings and Craggs appear to have, over the years and at various times, been so close as to occupy the same house – Landieu – just a mile or two West of Wolsingham


It's clear that there is a lot more to be gleaned in this one valley – with the further tantalising suggestion that Craggs came from Ireland – not difficult to imagine – 80 miles to the Solway Firth and a very manageable boat trip from Ulster…

How close are we to linking to James Craggs Elder & Younger ? Do we want to ...









Special mention :

Chatterbox Café, St Johns Chapel https://www.facebook.com/chatterbox.cafe.art.info