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Having had contact from a number of people with and without direct links to my tree, I'm trying to work out how to post information such that interested Craggs historians can access it.

Please bear in mind that this is an open site - if you (or your living relatives) would rather not have their personal information on the web (including your email address, should you choose to list it) please don't submit it. Perhaps because we're too small or perhaps not visible enough, I personally have not had problems from this site - although I have from others - so beware. I list that warning to be fair - but I would very much like to list your (older) information as well - for the benefit of all.

If anybody has ideas as to how better to lay it out or restrict information, please let me know - will post any suggestions. If anybody knows of good examples on the web, please let me know.


Earliest Craggs Ancestor Date Location Links
Email Contact Gen Report Descendants Ancestor Line
Joseph Craggs 1750 Newcastle JosephCraggs1750 JC1750Desc Chris Craggs
John Craggs (Bible) 1821 Hetton le Hole (photos)   John Craggs Bible  
John Craggs 1822 JC1822Desc
Johnson Kirton Craggs a 1860 South Shields JohnsonCraggs1860
Jane Craggs a 1800 JC1800Desc  
George CRAIG a 1819       GeorgeCRAIG  


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