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My name is Phillip Mark Craggs. My father is Timothy Mark Craggs and my Grandfather is Cyril Joseph ‘Joe’ Craggs. Cyril, or Joe as he preferred to be called, was born in 1912 in Portchester, near Portsmouth, Hampshire. My dad always says that we descend from Newcastle but I have been unable confirm or deny anything. Does any of this mean anything to you? I would be grateful for any information you have and will gladly hand over any info I find as a result. Regards, Phil Craggs
I am desperately trying to trace a Roger Marius Craggs, born 1948 has a brother Richard born 1945 both births registered in Brentford.  Their father is Alfred Craggs b. 1912 and mother is Lucienne Marty b. 1916. I'm hoping that someone may be able to give me more information on my great grandfather Vale Denton.  His sister married a Craggs and I think they are her grandchildren. Thanks. Jo Silsbury.
I was wondering if you have a Dorothy Craggs born about 1758 Durham and dying in about 1835 Monkwearmouth age 77. Married William Breckinridge, Chester le Street. May be related to Mary-Ann Craggs who married Robert Storey - not confirmed, several connections in later generations - believe father was James and mother Mary Spraggon. Connections with the Addison and Kirtley/Kirkley families. Abby Slinger (Australia)
I am Becky Elizabeth Craggs and I have a brother Jamie David. Our father Jeremy David has two siblings- Judith Moira and Ian Arthur (who himself has three children). My grandfather was Ronald Arthur Craggs. He was born in 1930 and grew up in London (possibly Tooting as his sister lived there for many years).

I know he was one of many children (possibly 8) and that his sisters were named Elsie and Violet. He once mentioned that we had distant French and Scottish connections.

My family ancestors includes a William Cragg (sic), sent out as a convict to Tasmania after his death sentence at Surrey Assizes was commuted in 1829 , but his correct name, as per a petition seeking his commutation, is Craggs, his father being William Craggs, of Cottage Place, Lion Street, New Kent Road, a shoemaker, and wife Sarah.
I believe they variously baptised/married etc at St Marys Lambeth, Surrey
Steve Harris, Tasmania.



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